Why And How Yoga Is A Better Option Than Having A Workout Routine In Gym?

Having a good body is the desire that every one of you have but most of you are not that happy about doing a number of fitness drills and lifting heavy weights in order to gain that fitness. And for those who don’t love training on the hard machines, Yoga has come up as a very good alternative which allows you to have an equally good body without actually making use of a number of fitness tools. When you are fit, you are not hesitant how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. A good chunk of population including famous celebrities has taken a liking to Yoga and it is also considered as a sexy exercise which will help you to get in the eyes of the girls. An even a better way to have a good body is to mix the yoga and workout routine in gym to form a fitness schedule which will guarantee you with some audacious results. Here are various ways in which Yoga exercises help you to stay fit:

Helps a lot in the weight loss:

The common problem with both the girls and boys is excessive weight and with Yoga exercises, you can definitely curb the growth of the weight. There are different types of Yoga postures that will help you to lose weight without involving any machines and here are some of them:

Boat styles pose:

One of the most effective steps that will help you to cut down on the excessive weight is the boat pose which helps in killing the fat present over your belly. You can gently try lifting your feet to get in the boat posture and be in that position for a few seconds and you can increase the time as the day passes by. This exercise is commonly for the girls who have break-ups because of excessive fat and you can make your ex want you back if you follow this routine for a few days.

Surya Namaskar:

Even if you don’t have excessive weight, including Surya Namaskar before your workout routine in gym is a very solid idea as it helps you to work on your reflexes. This asana includes twelve different postures that help in getting better of different kinds of body pains along with helping you to lose some weight with efficiency.

You can build a dominating physique using Yoga:

If you think that Yoga can only help you to have a slim body, then you are very wrong as there are several such positions and exercises that can help you to develop a bulky physique which will thus help you to attract any girl. Here are some of the most effective yoga asanas for having a good physique:

Warriors pose (Virabhadrasana):

This is one of the most powerful exercises that can help you to build a good physique without getting in touch with the machines. The exercise is mainly aimed for toning the legs but is also very effective in developing the hips so that you can have a very well toned lower body portion. Here is the way to do this exercise and have the maximum effects of it:

  • You shall start by having right knee in the bent style and then twist the left leg in a direction perpendicular to the right one.
  • Raise both your arms from the sides having them in a direction parallel to the floor.
  • After that you shall look ahead while holding yourself in the position for some 60 odd seconds. The benefit of having this workout rather than workout routine in gym is that since you are not dependent on the machines, you can do it even when you are on holidays.
  • At the same time, girls seem to love those guys who do these yoga exercises and thus there are some good options for you as far as Polish dating, Japanese dating or even German dating is concerned because the girls are going to fall for you.

Yoga as a cure to various diseases:

This is a major reason why Yoga is more popular than the other types of workout routine in gym as it helps you to get rid of many health problems. Here are some of the problems and how yoga helps to get the better of the same:


The most common thing that you all seem to look for in asthma is an inhaler but very few of you are aware that Yoga can also help in reducing and in some cases eliminating the traits of asthma. Surya Namaskar along with Kapal-Bhati (Breathing in and out in a systematic manner) can help greatly in reducing or eliminating the asthma attacks.

Weakness in nervous systems:

Weakness in the nervous system can cause many problems and by having regular yoga exercise, you can easily get the better of them. Uttan Padasana is one of the best ways to get better nervous system problems.

When you know about these exercises, you can also very easily get in touch with the girls who love to have a better body and system. Thus, you can get in chat with the girls and slowly start flirting with them. When you don’t know how to flirt with girls; it is never a bad idea as the girls love those guys who are careful about their fitness.


You all would admit that constipation is a very big problem that has a serious impact on your fitness and no exercise can help you in overcoming this. But there are a number of yoga based exercises that have helped greatly in getting the better of this problem. Peacock position (Mayurasana) is the best way to cure the constipation without making use of the chemicals. You just need to seat like a peacock which helps in the release of wind while also giving you comfort by increasing the abdominal pressure. There are also poses such as Pavana Mukta Asana (Wind release pose ) that will help you to get the better of constipation.

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