Why Are Some Men Be Unfaithful To Their Beautiful Wives?

So, you think that your boyfriend is crazy for you because he thinks that you’re hot and incredibly beautiful. You think that your man will not think of cheating with no matter what. Well, that’s wrong as professional golfer Tiger Woods has admitted being unfaithful to his quite beautiful wife, of 5 years, Elin Nordegren. Most guys believe that if they can meet a sexy and attractive woman, they’ll not look at other women or fall in love with someone else. But, keeping that pledge isn’t only impractical, it clearly has some issues.

It's a fact that quite entices human behavior that a lot of famous and successful men after men are throwing away their self-respect, honor and most importantly their marriages as well as their careers, just to feel the thrill and the excitement of being in an affair. So, you might ask, why do they do it, despite that they have everything in their lives and home, and risk it at all for a woman?

Well, here are some theories:

    1. A guy who is powerful and very influential, and who has the opportunity will cheat or have an affair outside the marriage. Their girlfriends or wives beauty or attractiveness has nothing to do with it. You can tell men are genuine and faithful to their options. If he doesn’t have the opportunity to cheat, he won’t.

2. The above assumption demonstrates that finding the most attractive partner to be in a long-term relationship is silly, and won’t discourage men, who are in relationships or married to cheat. Once the marriage gets going, the attractiveness of a person has no direct effect on how happy, sad, loyal, honest or faithful he or she will be.

3. There isn’t any woman in this world that is beautiful or sexy enough from preventing a guy from being unfaithful to her. There always will be someone else who will seduce a man. Aside, from that, there has been something else in action that will keep him remain committed to his marriage or romantic relationship.

Having a conversation about an individual is awkward. After all, we all know that there is a difference between the personal and behavioral qualities of great guys like Nelson Mandela, Steve-O, and Charlie Sheen. People also feel strange and judgmental if they write someone about a particular man or woman they know or met. Nonetheless, the way every man decides to dress, talk, walk, act, and conduct his daily affairs allows us to jump to quick and sometimes, stereotypical conclusions about the level of class he has. Now, when you compare the quality of the wives with that of the escort girls or the mistresses, you’ll notice a significant gap. Why? Because of these reasons:

The women who are willing to date or cheat with a married man often have no class?

a) Men only desire and marry women who are strong, confident, upstanding and wholesome, while mistresses are dirty and are low life?

b) Women who are willing to date or cheat with a married man are often going to places where less classy ladies hang out or socialize.

c) So, if you’re dating someone, and you later discover that she has cheated on you, do you let her go? What if you get back to your ex, will that make you less classy than your ex?

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