Why is a Women’s Love so Fickle

Women love to create their fantasy world in which there is only romance everywhere. They simply love fairy tales and this is what they want in their real lives. But yet they tie up such messy knots in their relationship that either they get hurt or left their partner feeling dejected and helpless.

So, the question arises why woman are so fickle in love? Why do they make their love lives so confusing?  Or is it we men who do unjustly to them?

Looking into a man’s mind, they do not really ask for much. Spending evenings or weekends together with their girlfriend is all that makes them happy, and this is just perfect for them.

Men cheat in two cases; either when they are frustrated, or their girlfriend gets on their nerves all the time for one reason or the other or maybe for no reason at all and secondly if they gets attracted to another woman and the chemistry between the two becomes intense.

A man’s mind is quite simple, and they are easy to understand as compared to the women who are blessed with complex creative love dimensions which can take a height anytime during the relationship. But do keep it in mind that men are pretty content with what comes and go on in their minds.

Women are unpredictable. They are very hard to understand. Sometimes their state of mind and feelings complicates relationships to the extent that it spoils everything. A woman can be easily convinced that she is in a bad relationship than a man. Men listen to their feelings, while women listen to everybody else except their emotions.

As per my perspective, women crave for love, and they like the attention and care which is given to them by their boyfriend or partner. But with the years passing by, they find another charming guy who is more affectionate and gives a little more attention or makes long phone calls; they simply can’t help it and falls for this new guy who makes them feel happy inside.

But the story does not end up here. A woman wants to stay with her steady boyfriend, but at the same time, they do not want to let go of this new charming guy. Some women are going to negate this point, but put them in the similar situation and see how they surprise themselves.

Women are suckers of affection and if any smooth guy knows when to strike the hot iron, they will never resist this new charm in their lives.

Women do not realize this that they cannot have both the guys at the same time. Even she tries to keep it secretive and tries to resist for some time, but time may come when she will start comparing the two. This is the point from where the real confusion and pain starts. This pain does not only make you suffer but also your partner who is unable to understand about your changing moods.

Now can we put the entire blame on women? What I believe it is a trait that cannot be changed. Women do think that they deserve a better guy than she is with right now at any point in their lives. So, they fickle because woman love dramas in their lives and this is just being a part of their drama which they crave for off and on to ensure disturbance and sleepless nights.

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