Why Monogamous Relationships Aren’t Natural

What is a monogamous relationship? In short, a monogamous relationship is where two people aren’t pursuing other partners romantically. Contrary to an open relationship, couples in monogamous relationships must be faithful, committed and respectful to each other. So what is the fuss about monogamous relationships not being natural?

When it comes to monogamous relationships, some people assume that “monogamy” and “sex” can’t be mutually exclusive. Monogamous couples admit that they are often teased by people asking how are they feel comfortable having sex with a single man or woman for the rest of their lives. Yes, having sex with your partner for a long time can become boring, routine and less enjoyable than the time you both first started dating. The truth is monogamous relationships can work for some people and not for others. It all depends on their personal preferences.

Often, people feel a sense of romanticism when they think about monogamy. Being in a relationship with someone who knows you very well inside and out, both emotionally and physically, for the rest of your life is a beautiful thought. Besides, being romantically involved with one person makes life simpler and a lot less stressful. But just how natural does monogamy feel? Is it possible to be in a monogamous relationship for an extended period of time?

Well, science tells us it’s not. And here are the reasons for it:

Men and women lose interest in sex over time.

Women lose interest in sex faster than men. You can make an effort to spice things up with sexy lingerie or sex toys, but science tells us that ladies can’t hold up their sexual desire for the long-term. Various research show that there is a tendency for women to be more compassionate instead of being passionate when it comes to love. This means the relationship becomes more of a platonic friendship than a romantic relationship. Meanwhile, a man’s sex drive also suffers in monogamous relationship. One of the primary reasons is that there tends to be more conflicts in a long-term marriage or relationship which hinder sex. However, when a man finds a new partner, sexual excitement returns to normal.

Men and women naturally want to cheat.

People’s monogamous behavior relies on hormones and receptors that the brain releases and these hormones and receptors vary from person-to-person. This is the reason why we see some men and women have a higher tendency to cheat than others. So, if your girlfriend has cheated on you, it’s relatively safe to say it will be challenging for her to stay in a monogamous relationship. But, don’t panic or get disappointed, it’s possible that she might come back to you because she loves you.

Monogamous relationships affect a woman’s best years of sex.

Perhaps you already know that a guy’s sex drive reaches its prime in their 20's, while for women it’s in their 30's and 40's. Moreover, it’s scientifically proven that women who are in monogamous relationships during these prime years have low libido, when in reality it’s during these years they should be having the best sex of their lives!

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