Why People Feel Terrified After Falling in Love for the First Time

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, so some of us feel awful sometimes? When people fall in love, it seems like the colors became much brighter, you can focus on your work, and you can’t eat or sleep properly. Heck, you can’t stop thinking about him or her. And all of a sudden you start to get insecure and uncertainty gets hold of you. You can start asking yourself, “Am I really in love with her? Does he love me? What will I do if she leaves me?”

A questionnaire survey conducted on 100 newly-in-love men and women in Iran has concluded that the people who are in love were more anxious and depressed. The authors said that romantic love isn’t full of joy and happiness. In fact, they reported that young adults who are dating found themselves to be more insecure and have unpleasant feelings. However, there’s one good news, though – love helps you to sleep better!

Being in love is a destabilizing experience, and for individuals who have a hard time to control their emotions and feelings, it can also be distressing. Nonetheless, if you think that you’re one of them, here is some advice to make you feel comfortable again.

Feelings Are Temporary

Feelings aren’t permanent, it changes, even the most overwhelming ones. It’s because of your profound ability to love that makes you feel happiness and sadness. When you fall in love, it is okay if can’t eat or sleep properly for a few days, but eventually, it will pass. Soon, you’ll get your appetite back and get control of your emotions and feelings.

Don’t Stress About What Anything Means

When people fall in love, the brain gets bombarded with love hormones. You can’t think straight, and you can make unwise decisions about tough issues that come up during the early stages of dating. Avoid overthinking about issues regarding your relationship. You don’t have a clue where your relationship will be heading from this minute. You don’t have to overly analyze about his emotional wellness after he told you about his divorce or breakup. Don’t get stressed out if she took three hours to return your call or respond to your text. Don't even bother whether it’s obvious infatuation or the beginning of a loving and long-lasting relationship. Relax and tell your instincts that all new love is supposed to be uncertain.

Give Your Partner Some Space

If you think that someone loves you, and you can’t wait to tell him or her that, remember some people might get overwhelmed by intense emotions. All of us are different, and we experience our feelings and emotions in our way. Some people prefer to get engulfed with emotion and feelings, while others like to take a break or look for ways to get distracted – well, that is until romance gets reignited within them again.

Overall, falling in love can a combination of happiness, peace, and uncertainty. Sometimes, being in love exposes are weaknesses and makes us feel low. It’s just a reminder that you’re ready for both.

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