Why Saying “I Love You” Can Kill Your Relationship

So you've found someone that you really like and the two of you have been seeing each other for a little while. You really enjoy their company and you're pretty sure they enjoy your's. As time goes on, your feelings for them get stronger, so much so that you feel compelled to utter those three wonderful words: “I love you.” Before you drop the “love bomb”, you may want to consider some things. Saying those three little words too soon can be a death sentence for a good relationship.

The words “I love you” should be a statement of power and should come from deep within one’s heart. Whenever we tell our partners that we love them, it should be organic and emotionally intimate. Love is an expression of feelings and emotions that we speak because there aren't any words out there that could best describe the intensity that we experience when we are in a romantic relationship. Often “I love you” is considered the end-all phrase for affection.  Adding the words “I love you” to the relationship will escalate it. We need to say this phrase to our partners to move our relationship forwards. The phrase represents the most powerful feelings of compassion and affection.

When we first meet someone, we feel very hesitant to say these words to our dates because nobody wants to rush into that, unless we feel an intense emotional attraction to them. But, after we get to know each other better, we keep saying, “I love you” to each other and repeating it back to one another. The whole thing becomes routine, and most of the time it seems like we forget its profound significance.  If you see that there has been a decrease of love and affection in your relationship, and want to jump start the romance in your relationship again, then stop saying, “I love you, too,” when your partner says, “I love you.” Sure, it’s a small thing, yet it will have a lasting impact on the relationship.

If your significant other says those words to you, only respond to it if you feel compelled, but don’t think of doing it just because it’s courteous. So, you might be asking what should I reply to my girlfriend, when she says “I love you”? Well, there are two ways here:

  1. Tell her that you love her because you actually do and can feel every part of these words. Also, let your girl know that you do love her and feel her at the moment, not because you’re some vending machine that dispenses an “I love you, too” message in exchange for an “I love you.”
  1. You can try another thing here. Don’t tell her “I love you” if you can’t feel it at the moment. Then only say “I love you” when you fully mean it from every visceral part of your heart.

When you’re dating someone, saying “I love you” has a powerful effect. But, you can only feel the impact of it and it will only make you feel fantastic if you spoke it from the heart.

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