Why You Shouldn’t Mind When Your Partner Puts Their Kids Or Pets Before You

It's a common complaint of many people in relationships: My partner puts their kids/pets before me. While we understand why this may upset you, (after all, who wants to feel like they aren't a priority?) we want to explain why it shouldn't. In fact, we want to explain why this is an attribute that you should cherish in your partner. Read on to find out why a partner who puts their kids and their pets first is a total keeper.

First things first: Yes, we are equating children and pets here. For many people, their pets are the only children they will ever have. So for the sake of our argument, we are going to discuss children and pets as if they are one in the same, because in some ways, they are.

Both children and pets are essentially helpless. Your partner's child and/or pet relies on them for care. They need your partner to feed them, clean them, protect them and more. Do you rely on your partner for any of these things? In most cases, no. For the most part, you can provide for yourself and care for yourself. (We are not taking into account individuals with disabilities that require them to have physical assistance. We understand relying on a partner for help and care in these instances.) For this reason, it makes sense that your partner would prioritize their child or their pet above you. This is a living, breathing being. It has feelings. It has needs. Your partner is responsible for the well-being of this entity. If your partner slacks or is nonchalant with their responsibilities, it can result in their child or pet being emotionally or physically harmed. This is kind of a big deal, you know?

So here is why you should actually be glad that your partner puts their kids or pets ahead of you: It is a reflection of their good character. It shows that they are caring, responsible, compassionate and more. It shows that they can care for something other than themselves. It shows that they are of sound logic and understand that children and pets need to be top priority, and that romance can wait. This is a positive thing about an individual, and if you find someone who considers their kids or pets their first priority, keep them!

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