Why Do Some Wife Don’t Want To Have Sex With Their Husbands?

There is no doubt sex plays a significant role in a romantic relationship. In a mature relationship, couples get less physically intimate with each other. Heck, some folks are in sexless marriages. Most people think that this wrong. So, why is that some women don't want to have sex with their husbands? You see not wanting to have sex with your partner isn’t because your libido is low, but rather, the deep rooted issues that you’ve with my spouse. If left unaddressed for long, it’s very likely that your relationship or marriage will end.

Here are four reasons that explain why you don't want to have sex with your husband:

You Are Angry And Overly Stressed
What can be more effective to put sex on hold than good fight? You can’t be physically intimate if you’re pissed or angry. But, the question here is how long you can be mad at someone? Anger can last a day or for many years. But, it doesn’t matter what made you angry. If you’re angry with your husband or boyfriend, you’ll withhold sex as a weapon for your fight. If you can’t manage your anger by having a conversation with your partner, talk to a therapist.

Also if you’re stressed from work, household chores or attending to your kids, you’ve little to no time for you. Stress and anxiety can seriously hamper your sex drive. We women always blame someone else for the lack of romance in our marriage. We are also givers, and if we stopped giving and cater to ourselves, we think something is wrong with us. This makes us stressed out and if this keeps on happening, then finding the time and space to be physically intimate with your husband can become a challenge. Therefore, it's crucial to ameliorating your anger as well as your stress levels by dedicating one hour daily to go for a walk, meditate, do yoga, go shopping, get pampered and look beautiful. Remember, high levels of stress anger will affect both your health and wellbeing.

You Feel Controlled
Nobody likes to be controlled. If you think your husband is controlling of you, tells you what to do, or you see him in passive-aggressive in his controlling behavior, you can still have sex with him, but it won’t be a very enjoyable experience. When we feel that our partners control us, then we can resist it by withholding sex. You see the one thing you can control is sex. Controlling sex can give you the power in a powerless relationship, which you desperately need.

You Don’t Feel Attracted To Him Anymore
Maybe he started to lose hair or has gained 20 pounds, ever since your marriage, your husband’s physical appearance has declined. You see it’s every married couple's responsibility to maintain their physical appearances so that no partner feels attracted to someone else in a way that will let them withhold sex. So, be active, exercise, eat healthily, and live an active lifestyle to make a difference in your appearances, communication and your relationship.

You Don't Communicate
If you talk with your husband only about what to buy at the grocery store or about your kid's schedules, you’ll need to communicate more to reignite the sex spark in the relationship. Just your significant other telling you that you look sexy and pretty will do wonders. If you want to hear or keep hearing that say how good and dapper he looks while going to work, and trust me, guys do like to hear it!

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