Will You…?: 6 Cute Ways To Ask A Girl To Go Out With You

asking a girl out

Are you interested in a certain girl but can't figure out how to take it to the next level with her? Maybe you've hung out a few times and now you want to make things official, but you're too scared to ask. We get it. Asking someone to go out with you can be daunting. That's why we're going to give you 6 great ways to ask a girl to go out with you:

1. Cook Her A Nice Meal

Women love food. They really, really do. Find out what her favorite meal is and cook it for her. Then, afterwards, ask her to go out with you. If cooking just absolutely is not your strong suit, you can always find out what her favorite restaurant is and take her there before you ask her the big question.

2. Take Her On A Scenic Walk

One of the cutest ways to ask a girl to go out with you is to take her on a romantic walk. You can take her for a long, scenic walk right at sunset and then, just as the sun is going down, ask her to be your girlfriend.

3. Surprise Her With A Gift

Surprise her with a gift when you ask her to go out with you. It will show her that you put some thought into this and want to make her happy.

4. Make Her A Sign

We live in the age of social media and grand gestures, so this is a great way to ask a girl out. Make her a huge sign that asks her to go out with you. You can add some humor by making it a riddle or a play on words. Make sure you hold it up in a very public place where she's sure to show up.

5. Sing Her A Song/Write Her A Poem

We know that not everyone has artistic talents, but if you do, it's great to use these things to your advantage. Write her a song that tells her all the things you like about her and why you want to go out with her. If singing isn't your strong suit, write her a poem that lists all the things you like about her. She's sure to say yes to either of these methods!

6. Just Straight-Up Ask Her

Sometimes the simplest answer is the best one. If you're not sure how you should ask a girl out, just go ahead and ask her! Not every girl is a fan of romantic gestures and she might appreciate how straight-forward you are. So just go right up to her, tell her how you feel, and ask her to go out with you!

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