Will Your Relationship Last If You Are Dating A More Intellectual Person?

When it comes to relationships, one of the traits that matters the most is whether a person is an intellectual or not. Apart from physical or sexual attraction, you need to think a lot about how similar both of you are in this area. If you both are incompatible in this department, it’s highly likely that the romance in your relationship will fizzle out over the course of months or  years.

So, how intelligent are you? Don’t think about what your IQ score is. Here we are talking about how much you like to think about and discuss pressing issues. Pause for a minute and think about how much you like to read books, magazines, and newspapers. Do you like reading books and periodicals regularly? Do you like to read light or prefer something that’s more in-depth?

Is It Important To Date Someone Who Cares About The Same Intellectual Subjects As You?
There is no right or wrong answer about what kind of topics any individual should care about. But, a man or woman who has a highly intellectual mind will generally talk and think about serious issues. Some men and women don’t like to have in-depth conversations, or they prefer to keep things light, but people who are more intellectual than others will always like to delve deep into any given subject. Suppose you’re on holiday with the person you’re dating, and the two of you are celebrating three years of your relationship. Imagine what kind of topics you would both be talking about? If you’re genuinely passionate about certain issues, you’ll probably discuss those things on vacation. Would your boyfriend or girlfriend be that person? Do you both care enough about the same problems?

Intellectual Levels Play A Vital Role In The Longevity Of The Relationship.
If you’ve started dating recently, the sexual attraction, lust and  newness of that person will keep things interesting and exciting for some time. But, as the relationship matures, it will cease to be interesting like before, and the only thing that will keep the bond tight is similar values and intellectual interests. If you’re an intellectually-minded man or woman, it’s not necessary to date someone who shares the same interests as you. But, if they have other intellectual interests, you’ll respect them for it, and it will fascinate you at the same time. Now, on the flip side, if you think of yourself as an intellectually-minded individual and you're in a relationship with someone who has no actual interest in discussing things in depth, the both of you will immediately run out of subjects to talk about. You’re going to feel emotionally disconnected from him or her because you’re intellectually disconnected.

The Bottom Line
When you begin dating someone, take some time to think and find out whether he or she prefers to talk about simple issues or serious issues. Most men and women, because of the sexual attraction and sheer excitement of being in a relationship, tend to ignore or overlook whether they’re intellectually compatible with each other. Intellectual compatibility is imperative if you want to have a fulfilling, long-lasting relationship.

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