Why Do Some Women Date Guys Twice Their Age?

Some guys can get their heads around the fact that there are women who are interested in dating men twice their age. In other words, these girls are dating men who are their dad’s age. But, what has prompted these young ladies to be in romantic relationships with older men.

Before going into the details, let’s make one thing clear that these women already dated guys their age, and were utterly disappointed with the experience. These were stunned to find that most men of their ages are oblivious of what it’s really like to be in a committed relationship and weren’t mature enough to handle various issues in the relationship. Most lacked the qualities that are required to be in a long-term relationship. Instead, they found themselves in situations where they were wiping their boyfriend’s asses! Don’t panic; it’s a metaphor.

Besides, lacking the qualities to be committed, there are plenty of other reasons, why some women will happily opt to date someone much older than over a skater boy.

You can’t play games when it comes to communication if you are looking for a relationship. If you like a girl, you pick up the phone, call her and ask her out for a date. You can’t have second guesses asking yourself if you are ready to call her and ask her out for a date, or wondering yourself if you are emotionally willing to be in a committed relationship. If he likes you, you will know, and he also will let you know about it.

Older men also have their shit together. One of the big reasons why some women are looking forward to date older guys is that they are highly knowledgeable about adult affairs like buying a home, investing for the future, making good investments in the stock market and so on. We understand that money can’t buy you love and can’t make you happy in a relationship, but older men are financially stable. It’s always good to worry less about money and focus more on other important issues in the relationship. For example, taking a romantic vacation is easy for older guys than younger guys who are in some cases are still paying their student loans.

Another reason why some women opt for dating someone much older than them is in most cases they are usually done the kids and the marriage thing. They don’t force their new love interest for it because they still don’t know if she’s ready for it. For some women, this is very helpful and kind to date a man who doesn’t put any pressure on the situation. It’s a big letdown for some girls being asked, “How many children do you want?” and having a conversation about kids and marriage on the second date.

Finally, another reason why women prefer dating mature men is sex, and this is where older guys usually really excel. Most people tell that older men need to take prescribed substances to make things exciting in the bed room. But, that isn’t always true. When it comes to dating and sex, older men have been doing the deed much longer than younger guys. Unlike younger guys, they don’t get their sex tips from porn as they very well understand the differences between real sex and porn sex and know better how to make a woman orgasm.


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