Why Do Women Don’t Call Men Back? Here Are 5 Reasons

Did you have the experience of having a great date with someone you really liked but never heard from her again after the date? Are you the guy who sends a text or email to schedule a second date, but she never replied to it? Well, incidents like these aren’t new and can happen to anyone. So, you are not alone here. So, what are the main reason behind why women don’t like to call back their dates after the first date? You might think that she wasn’t interested, and wondering if you like to call her back. Well, it’s not that simple, and there’s more to the story.

Here are five reasons why women don't call back:

  1. You have zero chemistry

Chemistry can’t be explained. It’s just too complicated. You might tell yourself that you have all the right qualities to attract a woman, who will be interested in going on a date with you. But, that doesn’t happen because you or she didn’t feel a connection. There is nothing you did wrong or made a mistake. Your partner just wasn't feeling it. If there wasn’t any chemistry, there is little to no chance of her going on the second date with you again.

  1. You are needy and desperate

Ladies like to be at the center of attention. They love to be desired. Women love it when their partners make them feel special. However, that doesn’t mean that they should text you all the time simply because you keep sending them texts all the time. Your girlfriend wants to check on them, but don’t text them all day. This makes them think them you are desperate and needy, and this will make them less eager to meet you again. Besides, being needy or clingy is big deal breakers when it comes to looking for good partners.

  1. She met someone else

You went out with a girl and had a good date. She also told you that you were pretty great, and is looking forward for a second date. But, meanwhile, she met someone else the next day, and she liked him better than you. It’s not that the new guy is better than you; it’s that she thinks that the new guy is a much better match for her than you. So, don’t take it personally.

  1. You make her feel bored

For women, personality matters more than looks. Women prefer to date someone who is really exciting and impressive inside and out. When you are on a date with a girl, be engaging when you talk to her. Women like someone who is a good talker. They don’t want to lead the conversation. They want you to ask most of the questions, and she wants to give most of the answers.  If you were quiet and a little shy, they will think that maybe you aren’t interested in her. Women like to date to someone who is charismatic and enthusiastic is getting to know them.

  1. She's not sexually attracted to you

Sometimes, your partner doesn’t call you back, despite having a great date night is because they weren’t sexually attracted to you. Again, don’t take it personally as they visualized that she can’t be physically intimate with you because there wasn’t any sexual chemistry between you and her.

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