How Women Seduces Men With These 4 Magical Words

Ever wondered how a woman seduces a man? What do they say? If you’re a guy, I guess you’ll be wonder your girlfriend will say, “I want sex” or “Let's have sex.” And yes, sometimes these words are expected and certainly have an effect. However, here we will be talking about something else. Here we will discuss a few different three-word phrases that most guys might not have thought of before, but do have the potential to turn you on and sometimes, even more than that.

So, here's what girls tell to seduce their boyfriends with a few simple statements:

Phrase #1: “I Trust You.”

It’s imperative for partners to trust each other if you want a healthy and lasting relationship. And men love when his girlfriend trust him. It increases his attraction for her if he knows she trusts his word, his decisions, trusts he's always doing his best, and trusts he only has her best interest at heart. And, yes, it turns him on!

Phrase #2: “I Appreciate You.”

We often hear couples telling that they’re having problems in their relationships because they don’t appreciate each other anymore. Men like their girlfriends to appreciate them and the things they’re doing and have done for the relationship. Of course, this also applies to guys, too. Anyways, if your girlfriend genuinely loves you, she’ll say the following phrases to her appreciation for you; such as “Thank you for giving me company every night,” “Thank you for coming to the party with me,” “Thank you for spending time with me,” and so on. When a woman appreciates and concentrates on the things she likes about her spouse, let him know about it, she becomes happier. Why? Because when a man finds that his partner is compassionate to him, be focus more on the good and positive things, instead of the negative things, which made her happy. And a happy man means more great sex.

Phrase #3: “I Admire You.”

Men love admiration. So, if you a admire a man for something or for something he did, and his partner admires and praises him for it, even if it was below her expectations, it makes him feel happy and good about himself. He feels open to her and becomes receptive to her in many ways, which means more amazing sex. So, if you’re cooking dinner tonight and notice that your girlfriend praises you for the meal you prepared, despite that the meal being a little bland, it means that she’s looking for some action in the bedroom.

Phrase #4: “I Feel Happy When…”

In a relationship, most women want their men to do the best and be at their best. When a woman sees something in her man that has some room for improvement which could bring positive changes into his life and the relationship, she will tell him about it. But there's is a problem. Most men will think that she’s criticizing him. This will compel him to take a defensive stance, and he’ll also distance himself from her. He’ll feel angry and resentful towards her, and this doesn’t lead to great sex! So, compliment him, and praise him, instead.

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