What Most Women Think About A Guy’s Body

Things are already hard for guys. Abiding by dating rules is tough when it comes to making initial contact and wooing women. But, believe it or not, ladies are very forgiving when it comes to a guy’s physical aspects! Some myths are very important to women, and some needs to be dispelled. Read on to find more what’s really important to women when it comes to your physical appearance:

Myth #1: Women Like Six-Packs And Bulging Biceps
The truth is a woman appreciates someone who has a body like Matthew McConaughey and Brad Pitt, but when it comes to choosing a man they really want to date, having a little extra around the waistline isn’t a deal breaker. It seems like our society is much more forgiving when it comes to spare tires, but for “muffin tops,” that’s a different story. For most women what’s more important to them is that their boyfriends should be loving, and complimentary. Ladies also like men who are kind and look forward to spending time with them. Most women don’t like to date who are most egoistic than they are, nor do they would like to date someone who spends most of their time in the gym. Taking care and staying fit is good, but it’s also important that you maintain balance in your life and enjoy life too.

Myth #2: Pedicures, Waxing And Tweezing Are For Ladies Only!
Most gals aren’t looking for a metrosexual. But, a man who takes good care of himself and takes pride in his physical appearance is very desirable to women. So, to all guys out there, don’t be ashamed to go to a nail salon and get a pedicure. You girlfriend will really like it! Besides, if you’re someone who has a unibrow or hair coming out your nostrils, it’s a good idea to take care of it by investing in a hair trimmer or a nail clipper. Your girlfriend will appreciate it.

Myth #3: Long Hair Looks Alluring And Sexy On Men
Apart from a few exceptions out there, having long hair doesn’t look that sexy and alluring to men. Most women prefer that their partners have short hair. In fact, for 85 percent of the male population short looks great on them. So, if you’re an average Joe, and have a mullet or a ponytail, maybe it’s time that you visit a barber, and get it trimmed. Keep in mind, the thinner you hair, the shorter it should be.

In our societies, when it comes to physical appearance and bodies, men can breathe a sigh of relief. But, that’s not the case with women. Women are continuously pressured by the media and scrutinized by it for not having the perfect shape or abiding by the unattainable standards of beauty. Meanwhile, women only want their dates who feel comfortable about himself and his appearance, is aware of personal hygiene and takes good care of his health and overall well-being. But, as always there will be exceptions. Every woman has her personal preferences. If you’re thinking of dating someone, and if you fall outside his or her set of ideals, which isn’t you, it’s safe to say that particular person isn’t the right match for you.

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