What Should Women Wear On Dates?

So, finally, that special day is here. There are so many things you must be concerned about when heading towards your first date. Things that might worry you lot like what to talk about and what not to discuss?, What to order and what to avoid?.

But among all of this, the first and the foremost question that starts bothering you from the time you were asked out is:

“What should I wear to look classy and graceful in every way?” Or “What would be the best choice for this special occasion?”

So, to make sure that you present yourself the best, here I am with simple tips to make it a perfect one for you:

Tips #1:

You probably never want to overdo yourself, and of course, it is advised not to do so. The point which really matters is the venue of your first date. If it is a movie theater, then dress up casually by wearing jeans and nice looking top but if you are heading towards a restaurant then wear something formal like slacks with an elegant blouse.

Tip # 2:

Be dressed in something which fits you well; neither too tight nor too loose. It should be something in which you are comfortable and relaxed. Being uncomfortable makes you conscious, and your date can easily notice your nervousness which is not a good sign.

Tip # 3:

Guys never bother about brands and label so, choose what looks good on you. Never make a blunder by selecting a new trend to wear. Your body is definitely not a hanger to display the latest fashion.

Tip # 4:

Try to look a bit unique so that you would stand out in the crowd. Adding accessories is a good thing to do. Funky earrings or a fancy bag can be a good choice. Try to wear something bright that makes you appear fresh. Bright and dazzling colors always draw attention.

Tip # 5:

Select the color that goes best with your complexion. If you find it confusing, then try wearing black. Black is the color that suits everyone and matches with every skin. So do not panic with the colors, if you cannot make a choice, then black is always there to set things right for you.

Tip # 6

A spectacular pair of heels will add glamor and elegance. But always remember to pick up the comfortable ones. Putting on heels and unable to walk properly gives an awful impression. I know you must be thinking about your back, knees, and toes but believe you me heels always flatter your lower portion.

Tip # 7:

Freshen up yourself Lady! Take a shower and blow dry your hair. If you have time, do consider pampering yourself with a pedicure and manicure.

Tip # 8:

Put on some light makeup. Do not over exaggerate it; the best way is to focus on your main attractive feature and go subtle with the rest.

Tip # 9:

Put on your favorite scent but keep it light. Dab a little on your wrist, neck, behind the ears, and in your cleavage.

So, how to dress up for your first date is actually pretty noteworthy. These simple tips can make a big difference, and as far as your appearance is being concerned, it will surely get you a second date.

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