The Five Worst Ways to Get Dumped By Your Partner

Breaking up is never easy. Breakups are one of the worse things to happen while being in a relationship. Sometimes we think the mental pain and emotional distress that we experience while breaking up with someone or getting dumped is more that hopelessness and depression we face when we single. Most men and women think that while getting dumped or breaking up, the receiver gets more pain than the one who dismisses the relationship. But, that’s not true, and it’s painful on both sides. Even worse, the person who breaks up with someone has to live with the guilt and it can be very hard to deal.

However, compassion is the key if you want to minimize the guilt, pain, anger and resentment on both sides, if you’ve decided to end the relationship. Here are five ways you should never think of doing when ending a relationship:

1. Telling someone else to do it. Some folks ask their friends to this unholy task for them. Asking somebody else to break up with your partner isn’t only cowardly; it’s disrespectful to the receiver. Do it yourself and be prepared for the backlash that follows it – like a mature man.

2. Breaking up with a text message. It’s a lovely gesture to cute texts like, ‘I love you,' ‘Missing you,' etc. But, it’s whole different thing when you text your significant other saying that ‘We can’t see or be with each other anymore.' It is cruel and regretful. If you’ve decided to end the relationship with him or her, take a deep breath, man up, pick up the phone and call him or her instead.

3. The sticky note. This one is similar to breaking up with someone you love over a text message, except this time you are using a sticky note, instead of a cell phone. Writing a small note on a piece of a yellow paper and placing it on your partner‘s television o fridge, saying, ‘We can’t see or be with each other anymore,' is one of the worst and cowardly acts you can do. Have some integrity for yourself, and do it yourself. Don’t let a piece of yellow paper do it for you.

4. Breaking up on Facebook. Most men and women want to see an adorable and affectionate message by their girlfriend or boyfriends on their Facebook wall. But, breaking up with your partner on by posting a breakup message on his or her Facebook wall is something most will never get over. Even worse, if your friends or other people ‘liking’ it!

5. Getting disappeared. Getting disappeared or lost and not having a conversation with your significant other might be the worst way to end a relationship. Period. Breaking up with somebody you had a relationship with, is totally unacceptable. Face your fears, be courageous, be humble and break up with some compassion.

The takeaway from this discussion makes people understand it’s wrong and unacceptable to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend in the following ways. Have some compassion, dignity, courage and empathy to break up with someone and face it like a man! Make your choice rightfully, unless you really in love after months and want your ex back.

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