Write an Online Dating Profile like a Pro

man-949058_960_720Writing an online dating profile can be compared with the likes of writing a book or an article — if it hasn't grabbed your attention, then you probably swiped left and clicked on the next exciting thing to read. Writing an online dating profile about yourself is on par with writing a cover letter or resume, or putting down all the interesting things about you, it’s a very daunting task, but an absolute necessity.

Nobody loves to list down all the reasons why anyone should date them, but it can be particularly hard for those who suck at writing. But despair not, there is the way to cheat through all that and write a dating profile that will give fellow online daters turned on by you.

1. Use Lists

Making a list of your favorite things is an overused yet an effective approach to communicating about what you like, and it’s also simple for the person looking at your profile to get an idea about your personality and if they have anything in common. Big music aficionado? List your favorite singers, list down your top 5 most favorite songs. Huge movie fan? List all the movies. Go crazy with the lists; it can be anything from countries, cities, restaurants, books, etc. But make sure you are honest about it, so when the topic comes up, you’ll be able to speak on the subject.

2. Don’t Forget to Mention Corny Jokes

Admit it, we all love people that have a sense of humor, but if you are the guy, then remember, women are really into someone who can make them laugh. So start your profile with a joke that has an impressive punch line and or makes them puzzled that they try to figure out that joke all day. For example, “what is Bruce Lee’s favorite drink? To know the answer, talk to me!” Seem intriguing to me!

3. Quotes Makes Your Profile Interesting

Similar to jokes, including unique quotes can make your profile interesting and stand out from the rest. Post something from an author or a famous speaker or personality that matches your aspirations, lifestyle, and life philosophy. In short, let the pros do the work for you.

4. Ask Your Friends Do It for You

If you can’t express what makes you special or can’t tell how awesome you are, then ask you a friend who knows you and loves you do the work. After all, that why friends are for, right? Since there are no rules against hiring ghost writers to write your dating profile, ask your best friend, “If you care about me and want to set me up with someone, what are things you will tell them? “But make sure that besides all the right stuff; tell your bestie to make your dating profile full of energy and enthusiasm, humorous, but importantly sincere and honest.

So, there you have it, four simple yet fun ideas to spare you the agony of writing a dating profile like a pro. You can use any combination of these great tips or just one to get you started in the dating world and hopefully in the way of a new relationship.

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