You’ll Be Sorry Losing The Woman Who Waited For You To Get Yourself Together, Why?

Let’s face it; love is beautiful. It’s complicated too. Sometimes, we have problems in our relationships, and some of these originated from our personal issues. If you want to have a happy and healthy relationship each partner to acknowledge that he or she has personal problems that need to be taken care of and be willing to work.

If your girlfriend tells you about some annoying traits you have or has problems with your lifestyle, or you’re just having some personal or emotional problems, she’ll give you 2000 chances to get your shit together. That’s the thing with women. We believe if you’re willing to spare some time and effort, you can be the best version of yourself.  And we all want to witness that when that occurs. This also one of the main reasons why some women decide to stay in romantic relationships or marriages not perfect or are riddled with problems, or can’t break up with their boyfriends despite they aren’t treating them well. Your girlfriend really wants to believe you, when you say her, you'll do better. She keeps hoping that you'll actually do it this time.

But, bear in mind. Everything has its limits. When a woman says she is done, she's done. When a lady realizes that she’s happier and her life is much better with you in her life, she’ll stop wasting her time and energy in the relationship. She’ll cut you lose, dismiss all connection with you and will distance herself from you. When that happens, then no amount of transforming your body, career, habits, lifestyle, is going to make her return to you from her new found freedom in life and your influence. It’s common to think that you blew your chances and encountered her some awful and lame clichés like, “if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best.” The truth is statements like these don’t have much effect on the person who isn’t obligated to stick around for anyone else's nonsense. Nobody deserves to have a drama-filled, stressful life because his or her significant other can't take responsibility for their destructive roles or decisions. If your partner rejected you because you can’t get your stuff together, her act of rejection as an indication of self-care can hurt your feelings and disappoint you. But, she had come to make this decision probably because of your actions.

By the way, it’s true; you’ll have no problem finding someone new when you made some life-altering actions to get your life together. It’s a fact that individuals usually get attracted to people who seem more stable and aligned with their life goals and purpose. Nonetheless, you should be willing to date someone who is attracted to you and stands ready to continue being in a relationship with you when life’s various hardships and challenges get in the way. After all, you’re 100% sure that the woman who stayed with you through all of your ridiculous bullshit would stand by your side during the bad moments in your life.

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