Young Love: 30 Great Date Ideas For Teens

Going on dates is a huge part of a relationship! The perfect date is a combination of fun and romantic, and can really make or break a potential relationship. While there are seemingly endless options for fun and romantic dates, there aren't so many date options for teenage couples. Teenagers have to worry about certain things like being underage (No bars or clubs!) and making it home in time for curfew (No late-night concerts or romantic getaways!) Teenagers also have very little money seeing as most of them don't have jobs. All of this can make it very difficult to plan a date! To help out our young friends in love, we've got 30 great date ideas for teens. Check them out below:

  1. Going On A Picnic
  2. Seeing A Movie
  3. Taking An Art Class Together
  4. Going Bowling
  5. Walking Around the Park
  6. Walking Around the Mall
  7. Going Out to Eat
  8. Check Out A Museum
  9. Go For A Bike Ride
  10. Take A Dance Class
  11. Have A Trivia Night
  12. Go To the Beach
  13. Grab A Cup of Coffee
  14. Go Out For Ice Cream
  15. Check Out A Book Store
  16. Sing Karaoke
  17. Study Classwork Together
  18. Walk Your/Their Dog Together
  19. Watch Television
  20. Play Video Games Together
  21. Visit An Aquarium/Zoo
  22. Go To A County Fair/Carnival
  23. Go Ice Skating/Roller Blading
  24. Play Miniature Golf
  25. Watch the Sunset Together
  26. Explore A Thrift Store
  27. Volunteer Somewhere Together
  28. Go To A Sports Game
  29. Play Games At An Arcade
  30. Spend Time With One Another's Family

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