Your Boyfriend Is So Into You If He Does These Things!

So you’ve met someone and madly in love with him. You’ve been in a relationship for several months, but you can hear a tiny voice inside your head asking you whether your boyfriend really loves you or not? How can reassure yourself that you’re more than a fling to him? How can you be so sure that he won’t dump you?

Here are some signs that your boyfriend is very much in love with you more than you can imagine:

1. He Decided To Watch A TV Show With You
Your partner certainly thinks that the relationship he has with you is going last forever. He’s so into you that he decided to afraid to begin a TV series with you. This way, he made a clever, yet cute excuse to keep seeing you, snuggle with you in bed and spend some quality time with you every Friday watching his favorite TV show.

2. He Always Initiates
He plans all the date and follows through them. He surprises you with your favorite chocolate, or dress, or flowers while returning from work. He does the dishes and cleans up after you’re done with the cooking. He feeds the dog and takes out the trash. The bottom line is, he doesn’t like to sit back and be lazy, while you do all the work. He actually wants to do stuff with you, and he feels comfortable to show you that.

3. He Responds To Your Calls And Texts Immediately
It doesn’t matter how busy a person is, if someone loves you and cares for you, he or she will make time to call or text you. If he’s busy and can’t take your calls or reply to your texts immediately, he will call you and notify you about it. If your boyfriend only texts you when it’s convenient for him, he is obviously not into you that much.

4. He Talks About The Future
He discusses seeing or spending time with you the next weekend. He talks about what will happen in the following weeks. He doesn’t forget nor worried to include you in his plans or make other arrangements with you in advance in the coming weeks. He always includes you and sees you in his future.

5. He Introduces You To His Family And Friends
If a man is genuinely in love with a woman, he will happily show her off and introduces her to his family and friends. He will bring you along to his family BBQ at his parents’ place. He will take you along while having a beer and hanging out with friends. He will make you his “Plus One” at his friend’s wedding. He will gradually include you more and more into his life. He wants you to like his parents, his family and be friends with his buddies.

6. He Recalls Things You’ve Mentioned To Him On Dinner Dates
He remembers what your favorite flower is or favorite kind of chocolate is, he remembers your birthday as well your mother’s birthday, and how to like to have your morning coffee. You feel surprised because you don’t even remember mentioning these things because it’s all small talk. But he has taken notes of them mentally because when you love someone deeply, everything you say matters to him.

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