You’re In An Almost Relationship With Your Girlfriend If She Does These 4 Things

It’s not easy to spot an almost relationship simply because you’ve expectations and it makes it difficult for to come to terms with the ugly truth. So what is an almost relationship? In an almost relationship, both partners are interested in each other, but they’re still unsure whether to continue the relationship or not.

So, here are few signs that you might be in an almost relationship:

1. She gives you false hope and sends mixed signals
You notice your girlfriend sometimes being sweet and other times being ignorant. You’re always in doubt about her behavior. Why isn’t she calling me back? Why did she cancel the dinner date at the last-minute? You’re finding it harder to her behaviors because you both are in an ‘on and off’ relationship. You’re always in a state of confusion and always doubt whether to continue with this relationship or end it and move on.

2. She likes spending time with you, but he won’t take things any further
She feels happy to see you; she feels for you, she cares for you, heck she even watched Netflix with you! But when you ask her to make the relationship exclusive, she holds back. She doesn’t want to get involved when your interactions are going ‘too far.' If she thinks about it, she distances himself, and disappears for several days, after which she comes back to you again. This ‘push and pull’ thing makes you frustrated and tired. Try to get to know your gal better, and it might be that she can’t see a lasting and happy future with you together since you both have different life goals, opinions, values, or maybe some wants and needs that she can’t fulfill.

3. She’s close to you, yet you aren’t her priority
She only reaches for you when she needs you, not when she wants you. She only comes close to you, when she needs your help or when she’s having a bad day. She doesn’t call you or comes close to you when she is busy with her life. She cares and likes you, but deep down you can realize that she has herself before you. You assume that she doesn't have the intention or to have a committed relationship with you because he’s too busy building her own life. Or maybe, she likes someone else.

4. She makes you dismiss the feelings you had for her
When you’re in a relationship, your instincts play a significant role. In this case, your instincts tell you that this relationship is going nowhere. You’ll do your best to dismiss the feelings you had for her by telling yourself that she’s not my type or she’s just a fling. You’ll try convincing yourself that you had no feelings for her and that you’re not in love. You’re doing everything to protect your heart from rejection and heartbreak, but your mind rarely questions about why this relationship didn’t have a happy ending like the way you expected it to be.

When your girlfriend is in an almost relationship with you, she makes you feel like you're alone here who is trying to make things happen in the relationship. You find yourself that you’re the one who’s too excited when she spends time with you, and can’t wait to meet her the next day. You ultimately realize that your relationship has become one-sided because you didn’t see your girlfriend put any endeavors to get to know you better.

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