You’re Never Too Damaged When It Comes To Love. Here’s Why?

Are your struggles making you feel unworthy to fall in love? If yes, then don’t be. Anyone can get tangled in a whirlwind of insecurities. If disappointments in your life never seem to leave you, and you’ve failed countless times to be in a meaningful relationship,  we begin to think we’re to blame and make assumptions nothing good can happen in our lives. We get caught up in the vicious cycle of in self-loathing and self-deprecating.

If you find yourself stuck in a situation like this, remember to tell yourself:

You deserve more than what you’re settling for

It’s our insecurities and fears that are making us settle for less than what we deserve. Maybe you’ve made mistakes or bad decisions in the past. You take a deep look into yourself and recall every person you’ve hurt. But, that’s the past. Don’t hold on your past. Tell yourself that you aren’t that same person anymore. Don’t let your past to define who you are now.

The love you want is out there

Most men and women deep down know what they deserve, but they’re afraid to get it. Because it’s even scarier to lose something we love and care so deeply. But you got to take chances, even when you're afraid. The love you’re always dreaming and hope to find is out there, and it's up to you to find it.

Your mistakes will tell where you’re going and where you’ve been

People are defined by their past mistakes.  So are you.  Sometimes, you will find yourself in situations where you won’t be able to recognize who you are. But, it just shows that you’ve grown into someone you’re supposed to be. The past which you regret, the people who've hurt you, will be a precedent for the things you’ll never tolerate again. It’s a good thing to have a past full of mistakes from which you've learned and grown. It made you a better person than you used to be and ultimately made you ready and confident for the love you didn't deserve before.

Yes, you aren’t perfect

Don’t self-loathe about all of your shortcomings, horrible qualities, everything you dislike about yourself and wish you could change them. Don’t make yourself feel bad about the decisions you regretted and the mistakes you've made, and every bad relationship you’ve experienced. Remember, all of these terrible things have contributed in turning you into the beautiful person you are now.

But you deserve the best

Don’t settle for or date someone where you can’t tell where your relationship is heading to, or not knowing where you stand with your partner. You don’t to have someone who will ignore your calls or texts, make you feel inadequate, make you feel desirable, make you feel needed or play games with you. You’ll need a person you will kiss you in the morning while going to work, surprise you every day, send texts saying you that you're beautiful and perfect because that’s exactly what you are. Ignore that voice in your head that tells you you're not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough or confident enough for you to be in a relationship. Because, that voice is wrong and if you don’t ignore it, it will drag you down. We have to accept who we are before others can accept us. When that happens, things will change, and you’ll find the love you deserve and dream for.

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