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Will You…?: 6 Cute Ways To Ask A Girl To Go Out With You

Are you interested in a certain girl but can't figure out how to take it to the next level with her? Maybe you've hung out a few times and now you want to make things official, but you're too scared to ask. We get it. Asking someone to go out with you can be daunting. That's why we're going to give you 6 great ways to ask a girl to go out with you: 1. Cook Her A Nice Meal…[+]
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Where the Boys Are: 10 Great Places To Meet Men

The first step in dating is to actually meet someone that you want to date, but this is easier said than done. Meeting potential partners can feel impossible. Where do you even start? To help you out, we've got 12 great places to meet men. Check them out here: 1. Dating Sites We know, we know. Everyone has probably suggested this to you already, but we're just going to confirm it: you should try dating sites. Dating sites are the…[+]
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Helping Them Start Over: 5 Tips For Dating Someone Who Just Got Divorced

Dating is difficult even in the best of circumstances. One predicament that many people encounter when dating is getting involved with someone who is going through a divorce. This can be a particularly hard situation to navigate, so we're going to share five tips for dating someone who just got divorced. Check them out here: 1. Don't Force Them To Talk About It The most important tip for dating someone who just got divorced is to not force them to…[+]
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Making the Transition: 5 Reasons To Choose Online Dating

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard endless things about online dating. Actually, you've probably heard about online dating even if you're living under a rock. It's become the most popular way to meet people and it seems like everyone is choosing to use online dating rather than the old standby. If you're still hesitant about entering the online dating scene, we've got five great reasons to choose online dating. Check them out here: 1. Everyone Is Doing It…[+]
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Is She Into You?: 7 Signs A Girl Really Likes You

Women can be very hard to read. How can you tell if a woman actually likes you or not? To help you figure it out, we've got seven signs a girl really likes you. Check them out below! 1. She Asks For Your Help All the Time Contrary to what 1950's culture may have engrained into the world, women are perfectly capable of doing anything in the world. They don't need help from men. So with that in mind, if…[+]