8 Things Guys Really Want To See In Their Girlfriends

Posted By: on May 26,2017
To be honest, when it comes to guys looking for a girl, most of them want a lot of things in a girl before they marry. But, given that how things are now, they can’t. Apart from the usual qualities like commitment, loyalty, and trustworthiness, here are some things men want in a woman. 1. A Woman Who Makes Men Feel Like "MEN." In plain language, this means that a man wants to feel like a “man.” This feeling equates…[+]

Lies We Tell To Our Boyfriends To Make Our Relationships Stronger

Posted By: on May 26,2017
Sometimes, the truth can be very harsh. That’s why sometimes we have to tell all those white lies in our relationships and marriages to keep it strong. It's something we have embraced as a part of a romantic relationship. Here are some lies women tell their boyfriends and husbands to keep their relationship exciting and thriving: 1. The Sex Is Awesome! When you have a demanding career or married with kids, the last thing you’ve on your mind is to…[+]

Here’s How Nice Guys Are Winning Online Dating

Posted By: on May 26,2017
Who says that nice guys always finish last? Well, not anymore. According to a dating site called Zoosk, it’s been reported that when it comes to crushing the online dating scene, it’s the nice guys who finish first. I can feel that you folks are looking for some proof, and I do have some- 1. Guys who message women back in the same day have a response rate of 62 percent. 2. Guys who have listed the word “thoughtful” in…[+]

Always Saying ‘Yes’ Might Be Harmful To Your Relationship

Posted By: on May 26,2017
We all have been at a phase in our relationship where we have been furious and resentful to our partners for a good stretch of time. It’s been reported that this most often happens when we agree on something that we actually want to disagree. It’s this false “yes” that often breeds resentment and anger in the long-term. When we’ve been in a relationship for a long time, there might be disagreements, which can spur unwanted fights. So, one of…[+]

These Are Some The Worst Habits That Can Ruin Your Relationship

Posted By: on May 25,2017
Successful relationships can be made and broken in how you treat each your partner every day. It’s often the small and simple things such as your attitude, how you resolve the conflicts, and what your focus is on the relationship is that will eventually keep you together or push you apart. But how can you mess up the harmony in your relationship? Here are five unwanted habits that create negativity in your relationship and will tear it apart: You Always…[+]