Saying “I Do”: 5 Wedding Rules Every Bride Should Break

Weddings can be stressful and some brides end up turning into "bridezillas" when planning their weddings. We'd like to say: it doesn't have to be so hard! Many brides feel like there are certain rules or traditions they need to adhere to at their wedding, when the reality is that they can do whatever they choose! While it's totally okay to play by the rules and have a more traditional wedding, some women want to step outside the box. For…[+]
Infidelity Signs

Reading the Signs: 6 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Infidelity is an awful thing that happens in many relationships. There are few things more painful than being betrayed by your partner and many people fear their relationships ending because of infidelity. Sometimes you can feel that your partner is being unfaithful. If you're worried that your partner has betrayed you, you'll want to read these six signs your partner is cheating: 1. They've cheated on an ex. There is a small kernel of truth to the "once a cheater,…[+]
Millennials and Dating

Learning the Lingo: 5 Millennial Dating Terms and What They Mean

We're all having a hard time keeping up with millennials, aren't we? They are, no doubt, the generation that is the present and the future. They are shaping much of the current landscape of society, including the way we approach dating. In recent years, millennials have even changed the language around dating. You may have heard young people throw around certain words and phrases in regards to dating and wondered what they're talking about. To help you get in touch…[+]
Awful Online Dating Profiles

Internet Nightmares: 5 Awful People You Encounter In Online Dating

Online dating is a minefield. You really have to play it safe when you are looking to meet someone on things like Tinder or Bumble. You're likely to encounter some real jerks or even some people who aren't even real! If you're just getting started with online dating, we want to warn you. These are five awful people you encounter in online dating: 1. The Guy Who Thinks He's A God We've all encountered this guy. His dating profile is…[+]
First Dates

Playing It Safe: 7 Rules to Follow So You Stay Safe On A Date

Every aspect of dating is hard, but one thing that people often ignore is how unsafe dating can be. Many people go out on dates with someone they just met, or maybe even found online through something like Tinder. While this is perfectly okay and common to do, it's not always safe. This person is a stranger to you, and you never know what their intentions are. You shouldn't be afraid to go on dates, but you should be conscious…[+]