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Keto Diet Plan: Easy Ways To Follow the Ketogenic Diet!

It seems like there's always a new diet craze that everyone is raving about. Some of them are totally crazy (the all chocolate diet) and others are legitimate, like the latest craze, the ketogenic diet. Odds are you've heard about the ketogenic diet, otherwise known as the keto diet. The keto diet is designed to put the body in a constant state of ketosis, which accelerates weight loss by converting fat in the body into energy. How exactly does it…[+]

No Scrubs: 5 Dating Dealbreakers For Women

When it comes to dating, there are just certain things that no one wants to deal with. Some things are total red flags that say: "DO NOT DATE THIS PERSON!" When it comes to these "dating dealbreakers," men and women are a little bit different. Women have some absolute dealbreakers about men that they cannot get past. If you want to know what women absolutely do not want in a man, check out the five dating dealbreakers for women below: 1.…[+]

Taking the Plunge: How Soon Is Too Soon To Get Engaged?

One of the trickier questions when it comes to relationships revolves around getting engaged. With the recent whirlwind romance of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, many people are asking, "How soon is too soon to get engaged?" We're discussing the controversial topic right here! Ariana and Pete got engaged after just a few weeks and the world erupted into a collective frenzy. Many people called it "nonsense" and "crazy." Others called it romantic and said that "when you know, you…[+]
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Does Garcinia Cambogia Really Work For Weight Loss?

Obesity is an American epidemic, with millions of people around the country struggling to lose weight and get healthy. While it's the old standard, diet and exercise just doesn't work for everyone. People who fail to lose weight with diet and exercise often resort to drastic measures like liposuction and gastric bypass surgery. These procedures may be effective, but they come with the risk of complications. Not to mention they're insanely expensive! Is there a safer, easier way to lose…[+]

Why You Shouldn’t Mind When Your Partner Puts Their Kids Or Pets Before You

It's a common complaint of many people in relationships: My partner puts their kids/pets before me. While we understand why this may upset you, (after all, who wants to feel like they aren't a priority?) we want to explain why it shouldn't. In fact, we want to explain why this is an attribute that you should cherish in your partner. Read on to find out why a partner who puts their kids and their pets first is a total keeper.…[+]